Elite in Math Level 1

Why Elite in Math Level 1?

  • Elite in Math Level 1 is a great choice for International schools in EFL/ESL countries and it could be the best program for young children to develop their Mathematical thinking.
  • Elite in Math Level 1 can help to boost children’s early reading, attention skills and problem-solving skills in everyday
  • Elite in Math Level 1 fosters a positive and productive learning by offering interactive exercises and activities.
  • It’s an easy and great resource for ESL/ EFL and all level of students to enhance their conceptual learning.
  • It empowers children to identify number symbols, number association, flat and solid shapes, handling simple graphs, sequencing and ordering numbers.
  • Elite in Math Level 1 enriches students with better understanding of setting patterns, familiar with clock and some basic mathematical concepts.
  • It also develops children’s understanding of making groups and solving pictorial, numerical addition.


Elite in Math Level 1 Learning Objectives:

By the end of studying Elite in Math Level 1, students will be:

  • Able to identify, detect and recognize number symbols
  • Able to sequence numbers in order
  • Able to count numbers orally 1-50
  • Able to associate and match numbers with objects
  • Able to tally data in figures
  • Able to relate shapes with real things around them
  • Able to differentiate between basic mathematical concepts
  • Able to understand the importance of clock and it’s use in our daily lives
  • Able to enhance their fine and gross motor skills by cutting, pasting and coloring
  • Able to set patterns and arranging groups
  • Able to join, match and complete missing numbers
  • Able to solve the pictorial addition and differentiate between greater/smaller figures and quantities

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