Elite in Phonics Level 2

Why Elite in Phonics Level 2

  • It makes a compromise between the phonics approach and meaning – based approaches.
  • It is designed based on the common core standards considering the characteristics of the ESL children.
  • It promotes children phonological awareness which helps children to recognize sounds and words, pronounce sounds and words correctly, and enhance their vocabulary development and spelling skills.
  • It introduces Key words that contain the target letter-sound relationships embedded in fun visuals that make sense to the children.
  • It has cross curricular links with Elite in Reading Level 2 and these links help enhancing vocabulary development and enhancing children’s reading ability.
  •  It offers audio materials from native speakers for developing phonological awareness which helps children to recognize sounds and consequently helps recognizing words and promoting spelling skills.


Elite in Phonics Level 1 is divided into several parts and they are as follows:


  • The first part introduces the consonant sounds and by the end of the first part students will be able to recognize the beginning and ending sounds.
  • The second part introduces short vowels information – CVC words which help children to read quickly.
  • The third section introduces blending words which help children to recognize words and consequently enhances students’ reading skills.
  • The fourth section introduces long vowels and diagraphs which help to enhance reading and writing words and sentences.
  • The Fifth section introduces double vowel and double consonant words which help to boost kids’ vocabulary and dictation skills

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