Elite in Reading Level 1

Why Elite in Reading Level 1

  • It Is developed to enhance kids’ reading ability through an edutainment-based book.
  • It is rich with many sight words, rhyming and picture words which help them learn to read.
  •  It is correlated with Elite in phonics Level 1 which helps to enhance KG kids’ reading ability.
  • It helps to promote kids’ vocabulary which helps kids to understand the meaning of words, their definitions, and their context.
  • It also helps to promote kids’ reading comprehension which helps kids to understand the meanings of words in contexts.
  • It also helps in promoting kids’ fluency through reading aloud with speed, understanding and accuracy.

Elite in Reading Level 1 learning objectives:

By the end of studying Elite in Reading level 1, kids will be able to:

1- Read the different styles of tricky words.

2- Read and be aware of the sight words.

3- Blend words accurately.

4- Spell the family words using cutting and blending.

5- Do the given exercise related to sight words and Phonics at the end of each story.

6- Read fluently without cutting and blending the given words.

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