Elite in Phonics practice book Level 1



Why Elite in Phonics practice Level 1?

  • Elite in Phonics Level 1 is designed based on the common core standards with consideration to the characteristics of the ESL and EFL learners.
  • Elite in Phonics Level 1 helps ESL or EFL KG kids to learn how to acquire pronunciation skills with individual letters or groups of letters.
  • It enables KG kids to discriminate between different sounds.
  • It is also enriched with integrated topics like conceptual learning, colors identification, general awareness, matching, identifying phonetic sounds, blending family words, linking between letters, sounds and pictures.
  • It helps children to boost their creative, language, reading, writing, conceptual and interactive skills.
  • It is designed according to the integration theory.


Elite in Phonics practice Level 1 learning objectives:

By the end of studying Elite in Phonics Level 1, students will be:

  • Able to Identify the letters and their sounds.
  • Able to trace, color and write letters correctly.
  • Able to recognize different colors.
  • Able to grasp the general knowledge topics and relate them to daily life situations.
  • Aware of the Elite in Phonics level 1 target vocabulary.
  • Able to cut and paste the letters and practice the target craft activities.
  • Able to blend letters for enhancing the reading skills.
  • Able to do coloring activities to promote kids’ fine motor skills.


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