Elite in Science Level 1



Why Elite in Science Level 1?

  • Elite in Science Level 1 can help to nurtures children enthusiasm for Scientific discovery in their daily lives.
  • Elite in Science level 1 is the perfect program to create kids interest in science and increase students’ investigations about their surroundings.
  • Elite in Science Level 1 nurtures a constructive and fruitful learning by presenting basic Science concepts, interactive activities, and useful projects.
  • It’s an easy and great resource for ESL, EFL and all level of students to enhance their communication skills, teamwork skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Elite in Science Level 1 helps children to enrich their vocabulary by using scientific terms that are suitable for the characteristics of their age.
  • Elite in Science Level 1 comprises important conceptual details with wonderful projects and interactive exercises that enables children to feel more confident in their abilities as a scientist and develop a lifelong love of science.

Elite in Science Level 1 Learning Objectives:

By the end of this book Elite in Science Level 1, students will be:

  • able to aware of the basic scientific information and concepts in each lesson.
  • able to differentiate between diverse Scientific knowledge
  • able to promote their vocabulary and scientific terms used in every lesson.
  • able to explore the scientific concepts through planned lessons activities.
  • able to practice critical thinking through limited responses.

Daily life skills

  • able to carry out the given project at the end of each unit.
  • able to perform the practical tasks are assigned in the book.

Interactive Activities and Exercises

  • able to do the coloring activities and relate these activities to real life.
  • able to practice the exercises to reinforce the given scientific concepts after each lesson.
  • able to enjoy all the cutting & pasting activities to engage them in right Scientific direction.


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